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Our Services

Amped Up Entertainment Group is comprised of a group of marketing and entertainment professionals.  We can help your company continue its focus on growing brand awareness and increasing revenue through our full service approach. The founders of our company have been in the marketing and events and entertainment industry for over 15 years combined.


What is full service entertainment from Amped Up mean? From concept to execution, we can tailor an event or program that meets your specific needs.  Once it is time for the event, we deliver with the highest quality sound, light and entertainers.  

When people ask if we are DJs, we say, "Yes, we have DJs, but that's not all we do."

Our equation for exellence is simple:

Talent + Marketing + Technology = Entertainment Excellence

Many companies offer one or two of these vital parts, but we strongly believe you have to provide all three to create a truly successful event, an Amped Up Event.

Give us a call today and let us show you how we can get the event success equation to work for you!



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